Creating an energised and engaged organisation through nutrition

Kate Whitelock, BSc, DipION, mBANT, Nutritionist & Corporate Health Coach

What is the biggest challenge facing companies and their people in the 21st century?

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The current economic climate combined with an ‘always on’ work culture has fuelled the major issue of stress and burnout. In the UK alone, 13.8 million working days are lost through absenteeism, of which 11.3 million are attributed to stress, costing companies £3.8 billion per year*. Companies therefore have a responsibility for the health and well being of their people.

(*Source: Health and Safety Government statistics 2013/14)


Why should you invest in nutrition as part of your well-being programme?

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Reduced absenteeism

Research looking at 40,000 UK adults showed that people
with poor diets are absent 15% more than those with good diets. Furthermore, those with good nutrition had 6% higher job satisfaction and 15% higher mood scores. Nutrition should therefore form a cornerstone of any well-being programme*

(*Source: Vielife UK 2014)


What about the expectation of your most important asset, your employees?

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Sunday Times Best 100 companies to work for featured ‘wellbeing’ as a category. Therefore, there is an expectation from your people that you will invest in their wellbeing. In doing so, this will help to drive a healthier and more engaged workforce, key for the long term success of any business.




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