After graduating with a psychology degree, I jumped straight into a fast paced London lifestyle working in various media and technology companies in senior marketing & commercial roles for over 15 years. It’s a familiar story; lots of dashing from one meeting to the next, superfast turnarounds and constantly looming deadlines. I happily carried on this way for a good 10 years when my energy levels suddenly took a turn for the worse and I was hit by intense afternoon slumps. My initial strategy was coffee! However, the results were short lived and it wasn’t long before I was falling asleep at my desk, therefore seriously impacting my performance at work.

I decided something needed to change and sought out the advice of a nutritionist. I did my research and came into contact with the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION). After a couple of sessions & some functional tests it appeared that I was suffering from adrenal fatigue, a collection of signs and symptoms associated with prolonged stress.

Sure enough, when my results came back I had a huge dip in cortisol levels (a key hormone involved in the stress response) which corresponded directly with my afternoon slumps. I had repeatedly been pushing myself over a long period of time and this was starting to take its toll on my health. I therefore worked with my nutritionist on a 6 month diet and lifestyle plan to help get me fully functioning again. After this time, my afternoon slumps were gone, I had lots of energy and my cortisol levels were back up in normal range.

Having this scientific data to help back up the power of nutrition got me hooked! This is when I started my own journey with Functional Medicine which looks to address underlying imbalances, via personalised nutritional & lifestyle interventions, to achieve an optimum sense of health and well-being. I have since undertaken extensive training at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition to become a fully qualified nutritional therapist, accredited by The British Association for Nutritional Therapy (BANT), and am incredibly passionate about bringing together my wealth of experience within the digital media marketplace with well-being and nutrition.

I understand first- hand the pressures that exist within the industry and have therefore created a series of nutritional strategies which will support people during periods of stress, drive optimum mental performance and promote general well-being.
These include: