I work with companies to help them embed nutritional strategies which support people during periods of stress, drive optimum mental performance and promote general well-being. Every company is different and I will therefore tailor my approach to meet the specific needs of the organisation. Once I understand these needs, I will shape a bespoke program on a half day, full day or weekly basis.
This program may include the following:

‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions

Interactive workshops covering a variety of topics particularly pertinent to businesses. A series of food & drink options can also be supplied which have been specifically developed to deliver the following benefits:
Be Focused, Foods for concentration & memory
Be Energised, Foods for consistent energy throughout the day
Be Calm, Foods which support the stress response and decrease anxiety

Drop in clinics

Designed to give people the opportunity to ‘drop in’ and have a 30 min consultation in regards the nutritional basics. Clients are supplied with supportive handouts & literature around the key health topics they wish to discuss.

1:1 programme

Designed to provide a more personalised approach dependent on the individuals specific health goals. Clients come away with a bespoke health optimisation plan which includes a series of diet & lifestyle recommendations tailored to help them achieve these goals.

Consultation services

An audit of existing breakfast, lunch and meeting menus and practical recommendations as to how these can be altered to drive optimum performance and wellness. Can also extend to an audit of local eating outlets. Bespoke menus can also be created, as well as the physical supply of nutritious food & drink options for breakfast, lunch and meetings.

Bespoke presentations

Developed specifically for the organisation to be incorporated into away days, strategy or well-being events. Delivered in a way that will engage and involve the audience.