I’ve always paid attention to eating ‘healthily’ and undertaking regular exercise but as I’ve got older my sweet tooth has remained and although certainly not overweight I have an increasingly, wider waist. I did a couple of sessions with Kate and with her guidance and encouragement, made some relatively simple and easy adjustments to my diet with immediate benefits. Although I still enjoy the odd cake I have radically reduced my sugar intake without really noticing. I felt Kate was thorough, non-judgmental and listened carefully to my particular concerns.
The plan she made was realistic given my lifestyle and so I was able to adapt and stick to it. Definitely made a positive difference to my health and waistline

Terri Westlake |
Global Customer Experience Director, ASOS

Following a nasty stomach bug, I started to experience occasional pain and discomfort in my gut after meals. Couple with embarrassing bouts of wind, I was at my wits end. I had a few sessions with Kate who helped me determine the root cause of my problem. On the basis of her advice, I saw results almost immediately. She successfully diagnosed my woes and devised a holistic treatment plan. In addition, she helped me develop a better understanding of the importance of nutrition, with tips on what to eat, avoid and why. As a result, I have completely changed my eating habits and no longer have discomfort. Plus I have also dropped several pounds, an added bonus! I now feel so much happier and energised.

Anonymous |
Senior Analyst, Energy Company